What is included in the admission ticket?
We offer two different admission tickets. Either you choose to buy both or just one, depending on how you want to plan your visit.

One ticket includes entrance to our gardens with temporary exhibitions in the gardens and in the Rectory.

The second ticket includes our main exhibition about Astrid Lindgren – “The whole world’s Astrid Lindgren”.

Are there lockable cabinets?
In the entrance area you will find lockable cabinets for outerwear and smaller bags.

Is there unguarded wardrobe?
Yes, in the entrance area by the toilets and in the entrance area of the rectory.

We are a family with children, is there something for all ages?

In our creative gardens there is a lot of play for the children and in our app you will find a children’s version of the audio guide for the exhibition “The whole world’s Astrid Lindgren”.

The children´s version is available in the app in Swedish, German and Danish.
Our guided tours in Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home are recommended for children from the age of eight.


Are dogs allowed at Astrid Lindgren´s Näs?
Yes, dogs are welcome to visit the gardens and we have we have exhibited water bowls in several places in the area of Näs. Dogs are not allowed in the shop, in the exhibitions, in the garden café and in the restaurant out of consideration of hygiene and guests suffering from allergies. You are welcome to bring your dog to the outdoor seating in the restaurant and garden café. Of course, they are allowed to pass the entrance area on the way to the gardens, but we ask our guests not to stay too long because of allergies and hygiene.
The dogs must be kept on a leash throughout the whole visit.

Is Astrid Lindgren´s Näs accessible by wheelchair?
The exhibitions, the shop and restaurant are adapted. Our gardens are equipped with stoneware corridors and there are marked parking spaces. The childhood home of Astrid Lindgren and the building called Boa with the old granary is privately owned by the Lindgren Family and not adapted for the disabled. You cannot bring a wheelchair inside.

Where in Astrid Lindgrens Näs can you find toilets?
There are toilets in the entrance area, in the rectory and in the garden house. The disabled toilet is located in the entrance area as well as in the rectory.

Are there changing rooms with changing tables?
The disabled toilet in the entrance area has a baby changing table.

Is there Free Wi-Fi?
Yes, in the entrance building there is. ALN_GUEST with password: astrid

The Childhood home

Is the childhood home included in the admission ticket?

If you wish to join a guided tour, it is an optional ticket in addition to the admission ticket. The guided tour must be pre-booked.



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Can you go inside the childhood home?

In the gardens you will find Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home. The childhood home is today owned by Astrid Lindgren’s nieces and if you want to enter the house, you can only visit it with one of our guides on a tour.


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Food & Beverage

Can you buy something to eat when you visit Astrid Lindgren’s Näs?

In our restaurant we serve food from locally produced ingredients that we prepare from scratch. You can choose between meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes and a coffee assortment. In the restaurant we also have a serving permit.


Is it possible to eat a packed lunch?

Everywhere in the gardens is a perfect place where you can eat your packed lunch, but not indoors in our premises or in our outdoor restaurant Apellunden – these are intended for our restaurant guests.

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