Art in the gardens


Where the garden opens into the meadow, the artwork “Despair”, created by the Englishman Karl Chilcott, creates the feeling of closeness and powerlessness.

The one hundredth stone

At the Oak grove we show the art installation “The one hundredth stone” by the stonemason Kristian Lund. The art installation is a peace project where the peace stones carry the message “No more war” in several different languages ​​carved in stone. The installation today consists of 99 stones, the goal is 100. As a visitor, you are welcome to submit contributions in new languages.

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Astrid´s Well

“Astrid´s Well” is the name of the group of bronze sculptures in the gardens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs. This work of art was created by Berit Lindfeldt in 2007.

The Seven Wishing Jars

For the final year, we show in the dominant element in the northern part of Näs meadows, the artwork ” The Seven Wishing Jars”, created by land art artist Patrick Dougherty – a sculpture with room for reflection, play and wishes.

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