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The exhibition – ‘The whole world’s Astrid Lindgren’
Our basic exhibition that tells the story of Astrid Lindgren’s life and authorship is located in the pavilion. The exhibition starts with a film about Astrid Lindgren (approx. 15 min).  After that, you can see the exhibition at your own pace with an audio guide, which we offer in Swedish, German, English, Danish, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Spanish.

It is also available in a special children’s version in Swedish, German and Danish.

The gardens Chapters 1, 2 and 3
The gardens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs are a place of culture, discussion, fun, debate, play, seriousness and humour. The green settings grow out of themes that were important to Astrid Lindgren throughout her authorship. In the gardens, you can go on an experience walk with story points with information about important themes, places and people in Astrid Lindgren’s life and authorship.

Temporary exhibitions
In our vicarage, we always offer a further exhibition on a topical theme. In the old granary, there is an exhibition during the summer months about Astrid Lindgren’s siblings – Gunnar, Ingegerd and Stina.

Optional extras:

Guided tour of Astrid Lindgren’s childhood home (duration 1 hour)
Go on a guided tour and travel back in time to Astrid Lindgren’s childhood when she grew up here at Näs. The childhood home is an old, privately owned house with small rooms that can only take 15 persons in each group. The childhood home can only be visited together with one of our guides. The childhood home is in private ownership, and we are very grateful to be allowed to go into the house to conduct these guided tours and show this fantastic cultural heritage.

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