Summer Exhibition “The Shop for Impossible Things”

Welcome to a playful and philosophical art exhibition. Here you can find everything possible that is impossible to buy. Examine all the products in the assortment! Excellent groceries. Visible whisperies. Invisible moments. Shelves and warehouses are crammed with things, never seen before, in the world of the senses. Here, the smallest and the most things are recycled. We offer an extremely wide range of impossibilities. Word balls that bounce you to a different view of “reality”.

The exhibition is a second land. Here, from Plethora, there is a variety of transformed everyday things that can now be used in the most unexpected ways. It wants to give away ideas, thoughts, and desire. Inspire your own storytelling, song, rhymes, and rhythms or maybe investigate philosophical questions with children and all wonderers.

The exhibition has been created by Carina Bodelson Lönn and Magnus Lönn, and will be on display from April 27th to September 22th.



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