The gardens

The gardens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs are open gardens – a place of culture, conversation, fun, debate, play, seriousness and humour.

The green settings have grown out of themes that were important to Astrid Lindgren throughout her authorship, themes such as, for example, freedom, courage, melancholy and joy of life.

In the garden you can also enjoy the story loop ‘A Soul in Flux’, which paints a picture of the author’s world of ideas and the relationship to the place Näs.

A garden that bears Astrid Lindgren’s name cannot be just any garden. It has to be a garden with character and attitude. Our aim is for the garden to arouse feelings, to be a place of inspiration with room for thought and conversation. For each new green room we have created, we have chosen a theme with roots in Astrid Lindgren – her life, her person, her Småland or her work. This allows the whole garden to tell a story, which our visitors can learn more about in our garden guide.

What happens next? The whole park is now open, but the content will continue to be renewed, changed, enriched and refined. Like a never-ending story…

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