Permanent exhibition, "Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories"

In the early 1900s, a little girl hears the first story of her life. The words become magic and set her childhood mind into flux that never ceases. As the girl, named Astrid, grows up, she continues to write to entertain the child she once was. Her words will go on to leave a huge impression on people all over the world – and it all began with that first encounter with the world of stories.

In the exhibition ‘Astrid Lindgren and the power of stories’, you can get to know the little girl who grew up on Näs farm and follow her throughout her life. Hear the songs she sang during her childhood that inspired the treasure of songs she created, and understand the despair she felt when she was forced to leave her son as a young girl; discover her war diaries, which provide a unique insight into her thoughts and everyday life during the Second World War; and delve into her politics, which opposed anything she saw as injustice. Above all, gain an insight into one of Sweden’s greatest authors and discover what inspired and motivated Astrid Lindgren.


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