The gardens


The gardens at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs are a narrative garden that consists of a number of different spaces where each part carries a special theme that in some way is connected to Astrid Lindgren and her authorship, such as hope, security, despair, freedom, courage, melancholy and joy of life.

Our ambition is for the gardens to evoke emotions, to be a place to be inspired by, a place where thoughts can take place and conversations are held. Here, leafy halls and moss beds are mixed with playful sculptures and nettle gardens – all with a scent of Småland´s nature that was so close to Astrid Lindgren’s heart.

“If anyone asks me what I remember from my childhood, my first thought is actually not of the people. But of that beautiful environment which framed my days then and filled them with such intensity, that as a grown-up you can hardly comprehend it. Wild strawberries among the rocks, carpets of blue spring flowers, meadows full of cowslips, special places where blueberries could be found, the forest where dainty pink flowers were nestling in the moss, the paddocks around Näs where we knew every little path and every little stone, the creek with the water lilies, ditches, streams and trees – I remember all this more than the people.”

Ur ”Minnes“


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