"The one hundredth stone"

War is what causes the greatest suffering on earth, physically and mentally. War is considered the final desperate attempt to control, take the power when groups of people cannot agree.

If we are to live in peace, in lasting understanding, we must stop making war. The earth is for everyone. Sensibility must triumph over folly. The important thing is to stop killing each other. Who is right or wrong can always be settled. I believe in mankind’s inherent goodness. Sometimes doing things that are not good for us or other people is a result of the life we have to live. Greed, revenge, evil, etc. it’s all patterns Of oppression forced upon us. When good forces become widespread enough, we cannot resist, but get involved. I started my peace project when I felt a strong belief in a world without war. I know that I am not  alone and this project is my way of resisting powerlessness. “Every journey begins with one step.’ 

Since I am a stonemason, I have started incising on round stones “NO more War!” , one stone for every language, to reach as many people as possible. Then keeping all stones in one place

would be fantastic. This would, hopefully, make the whole world pay attention to this important issue. That is the power in it.  At the moment I have stones in more than 60 languages. The stones are indestructible and  eternal. The message Will always remain.

My dream is to travel the world and collect languages to meet and involve people with my  message.

There are no other alternative than stop the war. 

You can’t make war to get peace


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